Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily, one of the most important touristic centre. It’s famous for wonderful palaces and churches in the centre of the city, typical markets, whose Arabic origins are still evident today thanks to their noise, smell, colours, narrow labyrinthine streets, food and other goods displayed like in a “souk” atmosphere.

palermo 2

Palermo is known thanks to the spectacular mosaics in the Palatine Chapel, the most visited monument built by King Roger II in 1130 when acceded to the throne, and the Cathedral, fascinating fusion of Arab-Norman architectural styles with later Baroque additions. The old town is divided into four quarters, each with its own market and right in the middle are the Quattro Canti.

Other important monuments are the Teatro Massimo, the second largest opera house in Europe after l’Opera in Paris.

In a 20 minute drive from the centre of the city there is Monreale with its fabulous Duomo.

For a little relaxation by the sea, just to the north, Mondello is visited for its beautiful beach and lots of great fish restaurants.